Learn to dance, act and keep fit at our expanding Dance and Theatre School! We train students of all ages to a high standard and organise examinations and shows throughout the year.

We study the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in which all our teachers are trained and experienced. The ISTD is recognised throughout the world as the leading examining body for dance.

We pride ourselves on excellent standards of training for boys, girls and adults whether they wish to learn dancing for pleasure, fitness and self-confidence or with a view to a career within the profession.

  • Tap Dancing

    This is a fun and lively way to keep fit and make new friends. The classes are structured around the ISTD syllabus which concentrates on the teachings of the various different steps and styles of tap dancing.


    Tap dancing is most generally associated with the films and musicals of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Anyone at any age can have ago, and in a very short space of time you can gain a real sense of accomplishment. Whilst it may take a bit of patience, in three months you will have picked up enough to go home and enjoy yourself -as well as impress people! Tap has always essentially been a people's or "popular dance", sharing as it does a common route with traditional clog dances, Russian step dances and Irish Jigs and Reels.


    We hold tap dancing classes for children and adults, great for improving stamina and heart fitness!

  • Modern

    The Modern classes we hold are great fun, very rewarding and great for improving overall body fitness, stamina and strength.


    The ISTD syllabus we follow consists of various exercises designed for strengthening and loosening individual parts of the body. Jazz and classical styles of dancing are also incorporated into the syllabus.


    Learning to feel and understand rhythm also plays an important role in this type of dance.

  • Ballet

    Classical Ballet is the foundation for all other aspects of dance and teaches grace, elegance, control and discipline. It also improves the dancers posture and stance enormously as well as helping to strengthen weak parts of the body.


    Ballet originally started in France and has a tradition of around five Centuries. Classes start at the 'barre', which supports the balance of the body while it completes various routines designed to increase strength, mobility and 'turn out' (a rotation of the entire leg outwards from the hip joint giving the distinctive 'classical line' associated with ballet and enabling the body to balance more efficiently). The discipline required for ballet develops a heightened sense of grace and fluidity.


    Based on a very correct alignment of the body, it can be intensely satisfying and enjoyable to pursue, gradually strengthening and altering the body shape after many years of work.


    The ISTD syllabus is followed and exams are taken at the end of each grade.


    We hold children and adult ballet classes which are extremely good for fitness, body conditioning and toning.

  • Disco Freestyle / Jazz

    These classes are freestyle and tend to change from lesson to lesson. Some basic styles of dance that the children learn are rock-n-roll, slow-lyrical, latin american and funk.


    Children are also regularly encouraged to put their dance skills to use by choreographing their own dance routines.


    Stretching and toning also plays an important role in the Disco Freestyle / Jazz classes.


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